ETO Consulting | What's Your Story
  • What’s Your Story?

    Every Business & Nonprofit Has a Great Story to Share
  • Do People Know It?

    Stories Can Align and Excite a Team
  • Why Will They Care?

    What Will Inspire Others to Engage and Share?

What We Do

AudienceDiscover Why

To know what is at your brand’s emotional core, we research the fundamental reason why people connect with you. We build a foundational brand story for you to guide your communications.

Story PlatformBuild a Content Platform

To create a sustainable strategy, we help you organize your team to deliver an ongoing stream of engaging and emotionally relevant content.

Story ScriptScript the Story

To give your brand a meaningful role in someone’s life, we help you know where and when to deliver the right type of digital, social and in person content.

What We Believe

Based on years of research and experience, these fundamental beliefs guide our work.

  • 1
    Your Brand is a Story
    Without emotion and meaning, your brand is just a logo.
  • 2
    The Brain is a Storyteller
    Our brain relies on the stories we create about ourselves to guide our actions.
  • 3
    Emotion Leads, Reason Follows
    Reason affirms our choice, but emotion drives our decision.
  • 4
    Permission Beats Interruption
    Invite people to listen, instead of demanding their attention.
  • 5
    We Share Emotions not Facts
    Focus on creating great emotional content and sharing will follow.
  • 6
    Customers Need a Path
    The route from not knowing you to being your biggest fan is a path you can map.

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